My Boudin Recipe at Nola Cuisine

From Homemade Boudin

Nola Cuisine is the sister site to American Gourmand, as well as its predecessor and a labor of love for me! I use the same theme for both sites so that I can link between them, hopefully seamlessly, so one will compliment the other as I share content between the two.

I certainly don’t want my long faithful readers of Nola Cuisine to think I’m leaving it behind, quite the contrary, I want to merge the two sites as much as possible!

Which leads me to my latest post at Nola Cuisine! My most recent Boudin Recipe!

From Homemade Boudin

For those unfamiliar with Boudin, it is a sausage found extensively in South Louisiana, made from cooked pork & pork liver, bound with rice, heavily seasoned, finished heavily with parsley & green onions. A national institution in South Louisiana, found everywhere. A way of life really.

My Boudin Recipe

I live in Michigan, I love Boudin, I make my own…hell yeah! It is a theme you will come to know on American Gourmand, as readers of Nola Cuisine already do. If I can’t get it…I will make it my damned self!

Be sure to visit my other website Nola Cuisine as well as My Recipe Page and My Creole & Cajun Recipe Page!

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