Loveless Cafe – Nashville, Tennnessee

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

Greetings from Nashville! Yesterday was our first day in Nashville, with a flight so early it required a 4:00 a.m. wake up. Upon arriving in Nashville at 8:15 a.m., all that my wife and I could dream of was a good, sturdy Southern breakfast. We jumped into our rental, and I dug into Google maps on my phone, alight with stars brighter than the night sky, each one a reminder that there is no way I could ever manage to make it to all of these restaurants, dives, and meat and three’s, even if I lived here. I focused in on the legendary Loveless Cafe, turned on the navigation and allowed the Speak N Spell guys girlfriend to direct us to breakfast. Loveless cafe is about 35 minutes from Nashville International Airport.

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Loveless Cafe
8400 Tennessee 100 Nashville, TN 37221
(615) 646-9700

The neon sign for the Loveless, which at one time was a motel, makes one think of the kind you would see along Route 66 during the 1950’s, or along any highway during the 50’s for that matter. This sign is permanently held in “no vacancy” mode, as the motel portion of the establishment closed for good in 1985, the original motel buildings now house retail shops, one of which being an outpost for the cafe’s hams & jams retail outlet, along with t-shirts, cookbooks, bumper stickers, keychains, you name it.

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

Upon entering the cafe, with warm smiles and “Good morning”s all around, you are surrounded with signed photos of the celebrities who have visited. On a side note, I’ve always wondered about how the owners of restaurants go about the approach of asking said celebrities for these photos? Do they ask them to send one out? Does the celebrity in question know enough to carry an envelope full of smiling photos of him or herself if they want to go out to eat? Has a celebrity ever been asked for one of these autographs in the middle of a mouth full of food? I digress.

Upon being seated I tell my wife I kind of regret coming for breakfast as I hear Loveless has some wonderful Fried Chicken. Actually, Fried Chicken is how the business came to be known back in 1951 when it was owned by Lon and Anne Loveless. Fried Chicken was the only thing served, on picnic tables on the couples front porch to weary travelers. I can’t miss the Fried Chicken! We are seated in a cozy small dining room, I don’t realize until later that there is an almost obscenely large dining room right next door; we got lucky.

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

Our waiter greets us with menus, and promises to be back in a moment with some of the famous biscuits straight from the oven, along with housemade preserves.

I quickly check out the breakfast menu and am pleased to find a half order of Fried Chicken as an a la carte item, just below, in a stroke of my good fortune, waffles. Big warm smile. While ordering I can’t help but notice an a la carte order of Barbecue Pulled Pork on a Loveless biscuit for $2.95. Why not? Lets kick this trip off right!

Our friendly waiter arrives promptly with the biscuits and preserves as promised.

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

The aroma of butter permeates the air and draws us into the plate of steaming biscuits immediately, the preserves can wait. The biscuits at Loveless are far beyond my expectation, so far in fact that I don’t think I will ever bite into another biscuit without comparing it to the ones I had at Loveless; or at least until I find it’s equal or superior, if ever. Angel light texture, the flavor of real butter dominating. Pure heaven.

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

The preserves are exceptional as well, the selection being strawberry, blackberry and peach. The blackberry is the standout in my mind, although all were delicious.

The food arrives moments later.

My wife ordered a traditional egg and bacon breakfast, the only thing out of the ordinary being a hash brown casserole. Cheesy hash browns? How could you go wrong?

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

My wonderfully crispy Fried Chicken with Waffles:

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

I love spearing together a forkful of fried chicken and a hunk of waffle, and dipping the whole mess into maple syrup. The crisp, the savory, the sweet. A wonderfully American concoction. While I’m enjoying the whole experience, I feel like I’m neglecting my little buddy to my right:

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

The combination of the slight smokiness of the pork, coupled with the buttery biscuit and the tomato-vinegar sauce is something I won’t soon forget. The biscuit brings the pulled pork to a new level of deliciousness. The Pulled pork is smoked in a Barbecue shack next to the restaurant which also sells Barbecue take out:

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

We pay our bill and head out so that I can snap some pictures of the neon sign. The weather is a bust, a torrential down pour which turns out to be the theme of the whole day. Our waiter was kind enough to run out into the pouring rain to give me my credit card, which I foolishly left in the check presenter, apparently I was in a hazy state of good southern food. It makes me forgetful.

The sad part about taking my food trips is that I only have one stomach. I sadly didn’t get to sample more of the barbecue at Loveless as the ginormity of my breakfast ruined me for most of the day. I did however get some pics of their woodpiles. For some reason, I can hardly resist taking picture of woodpiles and barbecue pits when I see them, it must be the cave man in me.

From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN
From Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

More to come on our trip to Nashville!

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